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The wine shop VINO E CONVIVIO is located in Guamo, just few minutes from the city of Lucca.
the winery has its own parking lot right in front.

The name reveale the our two different souls. Inside an atmosphere like at home, 4 rooms, 4 tables...no "double shift", no one is waiting your table. Just relax, talk with your friend or your family...
We have selected more than 3000 different products. The finest wines from the best national and international vineyards, but also the finest sparkling wines, champagne, liquors and spirits. A small section is dedicated to the beer.
As per our phylosophy you will find several biological harvested and produced wines from Italy and France.
You can taste all them in relax, all the tables are in separated rooms where the walls are completely surrounded by wines.
...and what about the other soul ? a selection of italian and french cheeses, prepared italian meats, and other typical italian food specialities.
All the meals are prepared right few minutes before with one rule : respect of an excellent raw material.
Patanegra, Cinta Senese, manzo di pozza, Cecina de Leon, Mangalica... and more.
if you would like to have more information about us send us an email or read what our guests are writing ...
they are our best and only advertisment...

The CONVIVIO, the other soul, selects only high quality and genuine products for his guests,
like cheese, prepared Italian meat, sausages and other tipically italian food specialities.